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In the spirit of non-violence, peace, love and hope of achieving justice and social change, PATHS International works to:

  • Campaign to abolish torture, fight for human liberty and ill-treatment practiced around the globe.

  • Provide direct assistance with legal, medical, housing, food, employment assistance and other needs to survivors of torture and victims of all human right abuse international in order that they may begin to rebuild their lives and heal from the horrific effects of torture and human right abuse.

  • Give right to survivors and the effects of torture and human right abuse on all of us through outreach, education and advocacy.

  • Organize supportive and advocating against human right abuse and ‘communities of healing’ throughout the US and INTERNATIONAL for survivors and victims’ to meet and provide support to one another.

  • ENGAGEMENT: Provide material and financial support for survivors and victims of human right abuse, family reunification and support the homeless in US and International.

  • FIGHT, Gender inequality; African and other Continents custom and tradition have limited women’s role to the kitchen. This is a serious challenge and inferiority complex hampering on women today.

  • HUMAN RIGHT: Human right abuse and the right to life with dignity: The sphere project of humanitarian charter uses the language of human rights to remind that the right to life which is proclaimed in both Universal Declaration of human right and the United Nation.

  • Vulnerability: Vulnerability and behavioral issues, our primordial aim is mainly to focus on the behavior of human response and workers not to take advantages of vulnerability of those affected by war and violence.

Paths International

PATHS International is concerned not only with the prevention of torture and human right abuse but also addresses its aftermath, the individual survivor, victims of human right abuse, family, community, and society.

The voices of all survivors and victims of human right abuse must be heard equally in PATHS International decision-making.

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Address: 4929 Ames St. NE                            Washington, DC 20019

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