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The deserted village of Balangui a community in Southern Cameroon. These are the atrocities caused by the government of french Cameroon 

French Military shooting on

innocent Civilians 

Random killing of innocent souls. Unarmed citizens. Xenophobic acts by the Government of Cameroon. Homes are burnt. Animals are killed and the entire villages are deserted. Human rights abuses of the highest order in most African countries. Citizens are running away from their homes to the forest for rescue. United Nations Human Rights High Commission , Human Right Watch must intervene. The must be Human Rights Justice to every living being.

Paths International

PATHS International is concerned not only with the prevention of torture and human right abuse but also addresses its aftermath, the individual survivor, victims of human right abuse, family, community, and society.

The voices of all survivors and victims of human right abuse must be heard equally in PATHS International decision-making.

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Address: 1140 3rd Street NE 

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