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Vandalizing The Right of Human Beings

Genocide in Southern Cameroon. Killing of unarmed civilian by French Cameroon military in the English speaking Cameroon

Civil War in Cameroon against the Anglophones

The abuse of human right in africa is unbearable. The united nation human right high commission must intervene. 
Is time for african to wakeup and say no to human torture.child trafficking.forceful encarceration.vadalism human habitations.genocide.xenophobia and sex enslaveryment of students after envading homes and houses by soldiers.​

Paths International

PATHS International is concerned not only with the prevention of torture and human right abuse but also addresses its aftermath, the individual survivor, victims of human right abuse, family, community, and society.

The voices of all survivors and victims of human right abuse must be heard equally in PATHS International decision-making.

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Address: 4929 Ames St. NE                            Washington, DC 20019

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