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The PATHS International is a torture survival support and resettlement refugee nonprofit. It is therefore established to create opportunities within the refugee and survival of torture communities to facilitate their resettlement process and integration into their new lives National and International. The PATHS International will be committed to the needs of survival in, job placement, family reunification, social assistance, and skill development such as healthcare education and cultural orientation, mental health support services, after school programs, role modeling and monitoring for youth, adult English language and job skill development and interpreting services. PATHS International stand to end the practice of torture, human trafficking, racial discrimination, rape, sexual abuse and political human right abuse. wherever it occurs and to support survivors as they empower themselves, their families and communities wherever they are. The PATHS International is a strong advocacy for human rights freedom

The abuse of human rights in Africa is unbearable. The United Nations Human Rights High Commission must intervene. It is time for Africans to wake up and say no to human torture, Child trafficking, Forced incarceration, Vandalism, Destruction of villages, Genocide, Xenophobia, and home invasion by soldiers who capture women and turn them to sexual slaves.  


PATHS International vision is to see a torture and all kind of human right abuse free world. Humanitarian support and meet life challenges for the hopeless.


PATHS International is a coalition of torture survivors, victims of all kinds of human right abuse representing National and International and ethnic groups throughout the entire world.  Read more...

Paths International

PATHS International is concerned not only with the prevention of torture and human right abuse but also addresses its aftermath, the individual survivor, victims of human right abuse, family, community, and society.

The voices of all survivors and victims of human right abuse must be heard equally in PATHS International decision-making.

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Address: 4929 Ames St. NE                            Washington, DC 20019

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